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Craps Strategy

The Three Point System

      The strategy for this week is the most fundamental one in the game of craps. I decided to put this strategy first because it is one that all beginners should know and is a fairly solid system. I assume that the reader is somewhat familiar with craps terminology. If you are not, then I suggest you go to the free gambling software links and download a copy of Casino Planner for craps which has a pretty good help section for beginning craps players. I will also search for some other good instructional guides on how to play.

     Why this system works:
The three point system is a fairly conservative system that takes full advantage of the best odds bet on the table, the pass line or come bet backed by a free odds bet. When a pass line or come bet is backed up with a full free odds bet, the house advantage drops to a .8% in a single odds game, and .6% in a double odds game. These bets therefore are the core of the three point system.


     How to play this strategy: The object of the three point strategy is to have a pass line and up to two come bets (with maximum odds allowed) all working at the same time. Whenever you have less than three points working at the same time, you should place a pass line or come bet to increase the number of bets back towards a total number of three. This may sound complicated to a beginner, but once you get down the fundamentals of the pass line bet/free odds bet, you will see that this is an easy betting strategy.


An example of this strategy is:


Step 1: Place a pass line bet.

Step 2: If a point has been made, place the maximum free odds bet for the pass line and place a come bet.

Step 3: Repeat this until you have a pass line point and two come bets on the table.


                                                                                        As always, good luck,

                                                                                                Brian Fischer

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