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Roulette Strategy

The Lucky Seven


This Month I decided for a change the pace, I would post a very aggressive strategy.
The minimum bankroll for this strategy should be at least  $120 (on $5 tables).

The Strategy for this month is on the aggressive side, but is still very practical for players with small bankrolls. In this strategy, you can easily make hundreds of dollars by risking only at most $5 of your own capital. This is how this simple yet effective strategy works:

     You bet $5 on any even money bet on the table. An even money bet could be a bet on red, black, 1-18, or 19-36. On a win, you bet your current bet + half of your current bet. If the bet is not evenly divisible by 2, then you round the number to the next whole number. For example, if you won a $5 bet, your next bet would be $5 + half of $5 = $8. On a loss, you start all over again at $5. The object of this strategy is to win 7 bets in a row. If and when this happens, you will win $165.

What is the advantage of betting this way? Well, the advantage is that you never bet more than $5 of your own money, and after 2 wins in a row, you are guaranteed to at least end the streak with some of the casino's money. The following chart gives you the progression you should follow when playing this strategy.

Cumulative Money Won
Total Won On A Loss


     Of course, you could stop before the 7th win, or continue this system for as long as you feel lucky. It is just my preference to stop after 7 wins and then start again at a $5 bet and repeat the strategy.  As you can see, if you continue, the progression will continue into multiple hundreds very quickly.

     There is a second method of playing in which you don't necessarily start over on a loss. Rather than starting back at the beginning of the progression table, you could go back two steps (if possible). For example,  if you won 4 in a row, your next bet would be $27 using the above table. If you lost that $27, your next bet could be $12 (back two steps). Even if you lost the twelve dollars, you still would still win $4 on that sequence, but if you win on th $12 bet,  you continue up the progression chart by making an $18 bet. This method of playing is by far more aggressive, but gives you more room for error.

    This is a very exciting method of play, and can be a very profitable method as well.

                                                                   As always, good luck,

                                                                                Brian Fischer

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