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Slots Strategy

Looking For The

"Loose" Machines


The return percentage of slot machines varies from casino to casino, so the key for a serious slot player is to find the slots with the highest payback, referred to as the "loose" slots. Below are a few suggestions that may help you locate these elusive loose slots.


City You are Playing In: The city that you are playing in may play a significant role in how you look for the loose slots. If you are playing in Atlantic City, the Atlantic City gaming commission requires that the minimum payback for slot machines must be at least 83%. This guarantees you, the player, that no matter which casino you play at, your payoff can't be below 83%. If you are playing in Nevada, there is no set minimum for how much a slot has to payback. Therefore, you can see that you must be more cautious where you would play in Nevada because you may be playing in a casino with a payback of way less than 83%!


Casinos To Target:

Rule 1: The basic rule when selecting a casino is to play at a casino that relies on slots for a good portion of their income. These casinos will offer players a higher payback to draw in business than casinos that casinos that have slots as an incidental income.


Rule 2: Look for casinos that advertise a high payback on slots. Some casinos may advertise paybacks of as high as 99%. Obviously, the players at these places will have a much better chance of winning than a place with an undisclosed payback (which may be less than 83%).




Which Slots To Play


Rule 3: Never play slots in areas of heavy traffic, where the casino hopes to grab a few of the bettors coins as he passes through the area. For example: Airport terminals, restaurant and show lines, and bathrooms usually have a lower payback.


Rule 4: Look for the hot machines. All the machines are set to pay different odds. The good payoff machines will be mixed in with the poorer paying ones. You may want to ask the change girls which slots are paying off. They are there all day and which machines tend to payoff the most money.


Rule 5: When playing progressive slots, always play the one with the highest progressive setting. In the slot strategy page, I give a link to a listing of all the current progressive totals in Las Vegas. Take a look at this page before you head out to the casinos!


Rule 6: When playing straight slots, always bet the maximum number of coins as it will give you the best payoff. It is much better to play 5 nickels in a nickel slot than one quarter in a quarter slot. Your payoff for the nickel slot will be higher!


Rule 7: When you hit a good jackpot. Remember to set aside some of that money or setup a loss limit. This guarantees you will walk away a winner!


                                                                                        As always, good luck,

                                                                                                Brian Fischer

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