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"Dice are the most ancient gambling implements known to man, and the most universal, having been known in nearly all parts of the world since earliest times."

Craps is by far the most exciting and fast paced game in the casino. You can win big or lose big in a very short period of time. Craps also offers some of the best odds in the casino with a house advantage on certain bets of no more than between 0.6% and 0.8%.

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Advantage Craps

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     "If you want to learn a proven method of winning at craps, then I recommend this manual. It contains a complete step-by-step set of instructions that make learning how to win easy, even if you have never played the game.

I had not played craps prior to reading "Advantage Craps." I am now able to win between $300 and $500 per day betting small. If you want to learn how to play the game correctly and make a lot of money playing, then you must purchase this manual."

Published: September 16th 1997
Author: Brian Fischer
Minimum Payroll: $100 dollars on a $1 dollar Table

I am 
constantly asked by craps players if there is a system that will allow the player not to lose on any number that is rolled......and my answer is yes to a certain extent. With the system I am about to give you, you can win on every number, but only after the come-out roll. In fact, the only way to lose with this system is to roll a 7 or eleven on the come out roll!

Published: July 7th 1997
Author: Brian Fischer
Minimum Payroll: $100 dollars on a $1 dollar Table

The strategy for this month is the most fundamental in the game of craps. I decided to put this strategy first because it is one that all beginners should know and is a fairly solid system.

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